Zone A Program

Welcome to the Zone A Resident Information Page

Upcoming Events

For all major events at the stadium, neighborhood protection barricades will be installed approximately 4 hours before event time and removed after the event.

Barricades will be in place for the following dates

Please display your Zone A placard for these events

Neighborhood Protection Plan in Place for ZONE A

Be sure to display vehicle placards on game days.

For residents who live near the stadium, the City of Glendale will once again be implementing a special traffic barricade control program to protect your neighborhood from “cut-through” traffic related to events at the stadium.

The location of these barricades was determined after a lengthy analysis of traffic circulation patterns in the stadium area and our experiences over the past four years. While you may experience some minimal game day traffic this season, we are convinced the traffic barricade program will once again protect your neighborhood from stadium traffic, while allowing you and/or your guests, convenient access to and from your place of residence.

Please be sure to display your vehicle placards on game days. You may use any existing placards that you currently have. If you need a replacement or are a new resident in the area, call 623/930-3686.

Success of Neighborhood Protection Plan due to Continued Cooperation from Zone A residents

Thanks to the cooperation of “Zone A” residents, those who live near the sports and entertainment district, the city’s neighborhood protection plan is succeeding.

If you are new to the neighborhood or want more information about the program, continue to visit this Web site. This special Glendale site is focused on providing residents with useful information on traffic restrictions, detours, parking or special events.

Zone A residents can also contact the Neighborhood Resources Line at 623-930-3686 for information about the city’s neighborhood protection plan.