Sports & Recreation

Crack of the bat. Thud of a perfect tackle. These are the new sounds of the desert, or at least in Glendale – an area fast becoming the nation’s newest sports mecca with a lineup of professional football (home of the AZ Cardinals), Spring Training baseball (home of the White Sox and Dodgers), and the NCAA Regionals. We are also home to the annual Vrbo Fiesta Bowl, and the 2008, 2015, and 2023 NFL Super Bowls.

Glendale has played host to an abundance of sporting events, including the upcoming 2024 NCAA Men's Division I Final Four and Championship game being held right here at Statefarm Stadium. From spectacular catches in the end zone to diving for the ball in the outfield, when it comes to professional and collegiate sports, no one does it better than Glendale, Arizona.