10 Reasons You Should be Biking! Glendale Family Bike Ride April 12 One of the community’s most-loved traditions is back – the free Glendale Family Bike Ride, rolling through town on Sunday, April 12. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, or someone who hasn’t been on a bike since grade school, here’s a reminder of the reasons you should be cycling. bike-ride-az The health benefits include:
  1. Increased cardiovascular fitness (prevent heart disease!)
  2. Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  3. Improves joint mobility (important as we age)
  4. Improves posture and coordination
  5. Decreases stress levels (who doesn’t need less stress?)
  6. Strengthens bones (again, that aging thing)
  7. Boosts energy levels
  8. Burns calories – on average about 300/hour!
  If those reasons don’t convince you, what about:
  1. Save money! Take your bike instead of your car to run errands once in a while and fill up your tank less.
  2. Help the environment! Riding your bike to work/school one day a week, can save 13 lb. of pollution per month, or 143 lb. per year.
Bike-TrailTwoCities So take the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather and great exercise, as well as the opportunity to explore Glendale, Ariz. The ride starts from Sahuaro Ranch Park and offers three different routes with varying lengths. To get more info online, click here. valley-bike-month-img Glendale is one of several cities participating in Valley Metro’s Valley Bike Month, bringing attention to bicycling as a fun, healthy, inexpensive and green way to commute and to encourage new riders to give cycling a try.