Runner and hiker in shooesThose who come to Glendale to enjoy Arizona’s dry heat during the summer must remember one thing: the warm Arizona sun comes with a unique set of caveats. So, here at the Glendale CVB, we want to offer a few tips to those visiting our desert clime:
  1. Do not forget to apply sunscreen – plentifully and often; the worst thing to happen on vacation is a sun burn! The sun can get to your skin quickly, so it is a good idea to apply before you leave for your destination, but of course, throw it in your bag to reapply as the day goes on. The Glendale CVB can even offer you a bit of the SPF if you stop by!
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We cannot overstate this one. Carry water with you everywhere. With temperatures hovering around 110 degrees in July and August, a body can get dehydrated very quickly.
  3. Limit outdoor activity in the warmest parts of the day. Try to plan your itinerary with outdoor adventures in the morning or early evening, especially if you plan on hiking. Glendale boasts one of the Valley’s most beautiful hiking and wildlife-spotting destinations in Thunderbird Conservation Park, but don’t underestimate the heat with this type of activity. Call our travel planners to help with your itinerary, and we’ll give you the low down.
  4. If traveling with pets, remember the heat affects them, too, sometimes even more so than us humans. Never leave a pet unattended in a car. Another thing to keep in mind is the hot asphalt – carry your pets or purchase booties for them so they don’t burn their feet. Glendale is a very pet-friendly community. Give us a call for tips on places to dine with your dog and other pet services in the area.
  5. Be prepared for summer storms. You may have heard of this thing called a ‘haboob?’ Well, when in the desert during summer months, you may get to experience this unique kind of monsoon storm, which, while a beautiful phenomenon, can include fast-moving thunderstorms, wind gusts and blowing dust. For more information on monsoons, including what to do when driving in one, click here. The good news is these storms cool off temps…a little bit!
For more information on this and all things Glendale, stop by our Visitor Center, located at 5800 W. Glenn Dr. Suite 140, Glendale, AZ 85301. Call us at 623-930-4500. For driving directions and more, click here.