Practicing social distancing - we've said goodbye to high-fives and hello strict six-feet rule. Here are a few ways to maintain safe social distancing and make new outdoor adventures.  Check out these outdoor spaces in Glendale, Arizona that we encourage you to enjoy safely. Maintain safe social distancing, and all of the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, while enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Murphy Park

Murphy Park has always been the heart of Downtown Glendale and has a special connection to our founder, W. J. Murphy.  This neighborhood park is 2 ½ acres with Velma Teague Branch Library nestled in the middle.  Take a stroll or bike ride through the park and check out the beautiful benches painted by local artists in Downtown Glendale.   For more information, click here. Imported Image

Historic Downtown Glendale

If you head to Murphy Park, you can also visit Historic Downtown Glendale.  Picture shady tree-lined streets and brick store fronts and inviting, turn-of-the-century-craftsman-style bungalows.  Catlin Court and Old Towne are the two distinct neighborhoods that comprise Downtown Glendale and you can view the historic buildings that give this area its quaint charm. For more information, click here. Imported Image

Thunderbird Conservation Park

There’s no better place to experience the majestic scenery of Glendale, Arizona.  Thunderbird Conservation Park features 1,185 acres and 15 miles of multi-use trails.  Visitors can participate in park activities such as picnicking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, jogging and bird watching.   Be sure to practice social distancing to keep you and others safe.  The park features “Nature Blinds”, a decorative block wall with “windows” for viewing the park’s 50+ different species of birds and wildlife.  Don’t forget to bring those binoculars to get the best views.   Your outdoor adventure will leave you with a memorable day, along with a few Instagrammable photos. For more information, click here. Imported Image

Sahuaro Ranch Park

A great way to get outside is to plan a picnic at Sahuaro Ranch Park. Where else could you see peacocks roaming around in the open (that’s not a zoo?) Sahuaro Ranch Park is another nice park with plenty of shade and green grass. Explore the history of Glendale with its unique historic ranch buildings. Visitors can picnic while smelling the roses, watch the beautiful peacocks, or learn about the ranch, and the city’s agricultural heritage. For more information, click here. Imported Image

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