Glendale Glitters has become an iconic holiday tradition across the Valley, and as the lighting display celebrates its 25th year, we thought it would be fitting to remind you that there are still so many reasons to visit Glendale’s charming downtown, illuminated and magical this most wonderful time of year! 25 reasons, in fact. 1. LIGHTS! 1.6 million to be precise. Not to repeat ourselves, but it IS magical. 2. The event remains the largest free holiday light display in Arizona. 3. Downtown Glendale feels like your hometown….or the idyllic hometown Christmas carols croon about. 4. Countless children across the state can’t be wrong. It’s especially magical for kids; in fact, in 2012, it was named the Best Kids Event by 5. Critics and journalists are pretty impressed, too. Over the years, the event has garnered several accolades and awards. Most recently, this one: “10 Magical Cities in North America You Must Visit This Christmas Season.” Not too shabby, eh? 6. There’s snow place like Glendale for the holidays! In case you missed it: SNOW! For opening weekend only (Nov. 23-24) This year: FREE! 7. Food….amazingly not-good-for-you, delightfully-fantastic festival food! You won’t go away hungry. 8. Shopping. Get some holiday shopping (or I-just-need-a-little-something-for-me shopping) done in downtown Glendale. 9. Dining. The eclectic mix of cuisine ranges from Vietnamese to Mexican to Polish, and everything in between. Bon apetit! 10. The. Big. Guy. He’s hearing wishes from little ones. Plus Mrs. Claus. Where do they find the time? (Note: Santa is here on festival nights. Find the schedule here.) 11. Horse-drawn carriage rides. Need I say more? Carriage rides are available on non-festival nights, and cost $25 per ride (average riders 4-6 people.) Find the schedule here. 12. KJZZ Holiday Storyfest Event on Dec. 1. This special event takes place during the holiday lighting display at the Glendale Civic Center. Make a day of it with two events in one! 13. Entertainment galore. Musical performances and dance troupes to get you in the holiday spirit. Check out the schedule online before you go! 14. Kettle corn. I know food was already listed, but this is in its own category. I can smell it already….. 15. ……and Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire…..NOT exactly, but how about roasted almonds? Also in a category all their own! 16. So many nearby things to do. Westgate Entertainment District, Gila River Arena, State Farm Stadium, Top Golf, Arrowhead Towne Center and more. Start making your itinerary now. We can help. 17. 51 days of lights. You have no excuses, folks. 18. Cerreta Candy Company is the perfect stop on your way to Glitters; check holiday sweets off your list! 19. Brelby Theatre is doing performances as part of opening weekend! How cool is that? Learn more about Brelby, downtown Glendale’s own theatre troupe. 20. You want to support your local community. Shop local. Dine local. Support local non-profit groups, charities and local government. That about sums it up! 21. I have one word. (okay, two) Holiday photos! It’s the primo spot. 22. Something old, something new….so it’s a wedding tradition, but it applies. Glendale Glitters is your favorite, familiar holiday tradition that you love coming back to. But it’s also something fresh and new each year, like theatre performances and holiday storytime this year. 23. Your holidays just won’t be complete without a visit – or two – to Glendale Glitters! 24. FOMO (or….if you’re not hip to pop culture lingo: Fear of Missing Out.) All your friends and coworkers will be talking about it and posting about it, so be part of the conversation. 25. Special VIP celebrity guest. This year, someone will join the ranks of Jordin Sparks, Shane Doan and Kurt Warner and family to help the Glendale City Council flip the switch on 1.6 million lights. Who will it be? You have to be there to find out!