Guest post by Marcheta Strunk, Glendale Public Relations Manager and Football Widow.


I look forward to Sundays. I used to spend my day sitting with my husband in front of the television watching football. I don’t really like football, so I end up eating a lot of junk as I sit there. Or, I might pick up a magazine and start to thumb through it. The problem with reading is all of a sudden my husband will start yelling at the screen, “That was a good play - the refs are blind!”  I jump, roll my eyes and put the magazine down. There isn’t much I can do in the house without hearing the TV or listening to my husband yell, cheer or just complain. And sometimes, there is a house full of his friends doing the same thing! But now, I’ve discovered the Football Widows Club. My girlfriends and I can sign up for the club and enjoy some great activities, “field trips,” musicals, hikes and more. There are 14 weeks of things to do. We don’t have to do all of them, but we might, since there are some really great places to go.  We will get discounts on things too. I love that signing up for the club is free, and so are many of the activities. The club kicked off Sunday, so sign up ASAP to enjoy all the outings!  Enjoy your Sundays again, spend some time with your friends (I even think my mother is going to sign up!) and have some well-deserved fun. You don’t have to be female either! Men are allowed too. You don’t even have to be a football widow. You can sign up just because you want to spend your Sundays doing something new and different. You can find all the different Sunday activities and sign up at I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!