Farming families originally founded Glendale in 1892. Glendale quickly grew into one the largest towns in the northwest Salt River Valley. At that time, miles of empty land and farms separated Glendale from Phoenix. This caused Glendale to develop its own downtown with banks, groceries, theaters, retail businesses, and surrounding neigh­borhoods. In fact, you can still see the historic buildings as you walk through Historic Downtown Glendale. Historic Downtown Glendale has been named by USA Today & Sunset Magazine as one of the country’s ten best places for shopping. Catlin Court and Old Towne are the two distinct neighborhoods that comprise Downtown Glendale. Nearly half of Catlin Court's 82 buildings reflect the bungalow style of the early 1920s. Since then, a lot of these bungalow style homes have been turned into specialty shops that attract a wide range of visitors. Old Towne boasts brick-trimmed sidewalks and glowing gaslights leading the way to the famous antique stores and ethnic eateries. These two neighborhoods span across 10 blocks. One can leisurely explore Historic Downtown Glendale over the course of half a day. Whether you are hunting for vintage treasures or hungry for local cuisine, Historic Downtown Glendale is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon!