Glendale Heroes Regional Park
83rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road
Northeast corner
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Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily
Visibility and weather permitting.


A no-fee, 26,000-square-foot, concrete multi-use (bikes, boards, blades) facility. Site Design Group, a leader in skate park design, created a facility that will provide challenges for skaters and bikers of various skill levels. The perfect balance of bowls, banks, transitions and street components make the design fun and wide open for both bikes and boards.

From the basic Ollie or Bunnyhop to perfecting the 9-foot bowl, there is no doubt the X-Court will be an exciting place for all of us to meet new friends and perfect our sport. This type of facility requires extra care and attention in its construction and California Skateparks, Inc., a well-known skate and BMX park construction company, took care of those special needs.

X-Court Rules:

  • If you participate, you accept the risk for injury. X-court is an abbreviation for Extreme Sport Court. This is a multi-use facility for skateboards, in-line skates and BMX bicycles ONLY. No motorized vehicles.
  • SKATE AND BIKE WITHIN YOUR ABILITIES. KNOW YOUR SKILL LEVEL. Know all the rules before participating. Skating and riding under the best conditions is a high-risk activity – MAKE GOOD CHOICES AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS THE SAFETY OF OTHERS.
  • All participants are strongly encouraged to wear proper attire and safety gear, including closed-toed shoes, shirts, helmets, pads and wrist supports.
  • Do not proceed into any area until clear of other skaters or bikers. Keep the riding area clean. Do not use this facility when the surface is wet or during poor weather conditions such as lightning or high winds. Portable obstacles or materials (ramps, jumps, rails, etc.) may not be used. Keep food, drinks, and other breakable objects outside of x-court. Please help keep the facility clean by using the trash receptacles. No glass containers in the park or x-court.
  • Children ages 12 and under should be supervised by an adult. Spectators must remain outside the x-court.
  • All bikes must have rubber handle bar grips and covers/protectors on pegs.
  • Respect other park users and refrain from using amplified sound and abusive language or gestures.
  • Pets, weapons, firearms, alcohol, drugs, or use of tobacco products of any kind are prohibited.
  • The Glendale Parks and Recreation Department must approve any scheduled or organized events or contests.


This skater’s paradise offers a streetscape with grinding and obstacle features; 5-foot bowl with a center spine; 9-foot, two-level bowl; steel rainbow, ramadas, bleachers and water fountain. There is also an on-site concessions and proshop selling skating products, food and beverages.

This is your SK8 Court, please take care of it – use trash cans and don’t tag it. Bicycles, scooters, boards greater than 34″, speed skates and all types of motorized vehicles are not allowed inside the fence. Respect other park users – no abusive language or loud music. This is a drug-free zone. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed. No spectators on or near the ramps. Clean skating surfaces before using. Skate respectfully (follow flow of traffic). Additional obstacles or materials (ramps/jumps) cannot be used here. City permits are required for competitive or demonstration events. All other Park Rules and Regulations must be followed.

Protect Yourself: Helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and other protective gear are strongly recommended. Skating under the best conditions is a high-risk activity. MAKE GOOD CHOICES. If you participate, you accept the risk of injury. If there is any type of hazardous condition present on the court, your risk increases. Stop skating, remove the hazard, or report it immediately to the Parks and Recreation Department or a Park Ranger.

For more information, call Glendale Parks & Recreation Department, (623) 930-2820.

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