Frank and Ron Dazzo always had a dream of opening their own hotdog stand. Frank and Ron both grew up in Chicago and raised their families there, they also traveled, worked and hung-out together most of the time. In Chicago they worked on a high rise building on Lake Shore Drive with sheet metal the company they worked for was called Union Local 73. Both Frank and Ron worked outdoors a lot and didn’t want to work in the freezing winters of Chicago anymore.

So they both decided to take a family vacation to Florida in January of 1977. While they were in Florida they spent a lot of time at the beach where it was rainy and overcast everyday. Frank and Ron met a man that talked with them and told them that they should go check out the weather in Arizona. He told them the weather was nice there all year around. Both Frank and Ron had friends that lived in Arizona that showed them around town when they came out to visit. Since the weather was in the 70’s they thought that Arizona would be the perfect location for their dream to come alive.

While they were visiting in Arizona they found the spot where they would open Dazzo’s Dog House. They bought the land and went back to Chicago to pack up their families and move to Phoenix.  After selling the houses that they built themselves in Chicago and packing up the family they came to Phoenix and bought houses and started the renovation on Dazzo’s.

Frank and Ron were very happy with the location that they chose because it was a free standing building that was not in a complex. Both of the Dazzo brothers started the remodeling in September of 1978 after only 3 months of construction they were ready to open for business on January 2, 1979.

This is how hard both of the Dazzo brothers worked to make their dreams come true and is why Dazzo’s is still in operation today. The original family  are still running the business. Ron Sr. still comes and joins his kids and now grand kids to make customers happy on a day to day basis with their amazing homemade french fries and famous hot dogs!


ADDRESS: 6143 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301
PHONE: 623-934-3536