Redneck-Run-largegroup Guest blog by Kathleen of the Redneck Run

If yer a lil’ bit country, y’all r gonna love Redneck Run. It’ll be on Saturday April 4th at Westgate Entertainment District, raight in front of where them Coyotes play hockey. Redneck-Run-relay It’s a purty speschul run / walk. There’s a normal 5k and a 10k, but y’all have the most fun with the “Plunger Relay” - yep, it’s a relay run where each of ya runs 5k carryin a plunger - that’s your timing chip and baton. (We give y’all a clean one!) Redneck-Run-start There’ll be prizes for the best Redneck and fer the best decorated plunger. Plus everyone gits a tank top and a medal fer finishin (a real handy churchkey). And ther’ll be lots of good old country music from Laura Walsh at the start/finish and from 3 other fun country music bands on the runnin course. You kin run or walk. Bring the kids and the dog. Runnin starts at 9 am, but y’all want to come early to play some Redneck Games, proceeds benefitin Dogs On Deployment - a great group of folks aimin to help out our service men and women when they git sent somewhere they cain’t take their pet - findin em foster families. Redneck-Run-6pack Plan to stick around after the run/walk fer more Redneck Games, music and an after-party at Whiskey Rose. There’ll be a cold PBR for everyone over 21. Fer more or to git yourself signed up, see or call 480 609 3978 BONUS! Be the first to comment on this post and receive a FREE entry to this race!