verde-canyon-easter-bunny Springtime is a perfect vacation season in any part of Arizona, really. But in the Sedona area, an adventure aboard Verde Canyon Railroad is an ideal holiday activity with family and friends. On Easter Sunday - April 20 - the popular Easter Bunny Express rides again. From small children to grandparents, everyone will delight in this spring tradition, enjoying a great time eating candy, getting hugs and having photos taken with the Verde Canyon Easter Bunny. easter-bunny-and-train-conductor With his snazzy vest, big smile, basket of goodies and larger-than-life personality to share, the Easter Bunny bounces onto the patio a couple of hours prior to the train’s 1:00pm departure time, playfully joking with passengers, posing for keepsake photos and adding a colorful enthusiasm to this special holiday. This once-a-year opportunity to hob-knob with the wascally wabbit will feature face painting so everyone can have a look-a-like photo-op (you can take home proof that there really is an Easter Bunny!). The famous “jelly bean counting contest” prior to departure will award one calculating child an entire jar of Easter treats to enjoy during the train ride. MORE ABOUT VERDE CANYON RAILROAD: The dramatic red rock scenery is accented by a colorful crescendo of wildflowers from March through June. Beginning with a carpet of early blooms in delicate purple and white, transitioning to brilliant yellow and orange flowers waving in the warm breeze, Spring in Bloom continues to dazzle with colors, long into the summer months. Postcard-perfect scenery is only part of the magic of Verde Canyon Railroad. The train provides a comfortable, yet exciting journey through this historic setting as it travels a leisurely four hours from the charming Clarkdale depot to the ghost ranch at Perkinsville and back. Awe-inspiring rock formations, historic trestles, ancient cliff dwellings and soaring raptors are just a few of the trip’s many highlights. First-class cars boast plush seating, complimentary appetizers and a full-service bar. Coach offers vintage Pullman-style seating and snack bars. Everyone has panoramic windows and limitless access to open-air viewing cars offering 360-degree views and spectacular photographic opportunities. Just under 2 hours from the West Valley, and 10 minutes from historic Jerome, Verde Canyon Railroad is located in the heart of Arizona’s Verde Valley, named one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations. Easter at the Verde Canyon Railroad guarantees an unforgettable rail adventure. Reservations: 800-293-7245