Guest blog by Arizona Broadway Theatre.

Growing up is difficult. Being a kid isn’t easy these days; expectations from family, teachers, coaches and friends are high. It’s even harder for the millions of kids facing bullying, daily, from their peers. Bullying takes on many forms – emotional, physical, cyber and verbal bullying are just a handful of the ways kids are tearing each other down in our schools, on recreational teams and even at home… Will those kids laugh at me on the bus again today? I hope he stops shoving me during recess. Why does she post such mean things online about me being gay? Maybe I should eat alone today so they don’t call me fat. We often celebrate October as the unofficial start of fall, but did you know it is also National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month? It is a time when communities join together nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention and work to stop bullying in their own backyard.  In honor of this month’s very important call to action, and in the spirit of nonprofit collaboration, two Valley nonprofits – Arizona Broadway Theatre and Severson Sisters – are teaming up in the West Valley.severson sisters Severson Sisters works to provide bullying solutions to families and young women so they can find their “Inner Super Girl.” This October, Severson Sisters will have its first introduction to the West Valley through Arizona Broadway Theatre’s production of Hairspray. The big-hearted musical includes many themes focused on the importance of respect, family, love and hope – and also shows kids and adults overcome bullying and discrimination in many forms. Not to mention, it’s a pretty good time spending your night with 26 amazing performers singing and dancing their hearts out for you. The thousands of theatregoers coming to ABT during the show will learn what Severson Sisters, and this month, are all about.
  • Severson Sisters’ founder, Carrie Severson, has authored bullying solution workbooks that will be on display, and available at ABT
  • Severson Sisters information will be available throughout the lobby and ABT will connect Severson Sisters’ staff with kids and families in need of bullying solutions
  • $5 of every ticket sold using code SSABT2013 will go directly to Severson Sisters
  • To thank Valley supporters of bullying prevention and the performing arts, an additional $5 will be discounted from every ticket using the same code
Severson Sisters Educational Ball So much is shaped in our youth, and the time to “be a kid” is so valuable. Bullying needs to be stopped, and the only way that will happen is through awareness and action. Change begins with a united effort. So, this October and every month after, let’s challenge ourselves to not only talk about this much-too-common issue, but also take steps to prevent the spread of bullying in our community. I hope to see you all at Hairspray, running from October 11 – November 10. Don’t forget to use code SSABT2013 when purchasing online at azbroadway.org, or by calling the ABT box office at 623.776.8400. Thank you in advance for supporting local nonprofits, the performing arts and bullying prevention.

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