The Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association recently launched the #AZSAFE+Clean certification program in an effort to build consumer confidence and awareness about safety and cleanliness of hotels and resorts. AzLTA Members are invited to complete the AZSAFE + CLEAN Checklist to promote their property as AZSAFE + CLEAN Certified and receive promotional benefits. Upon completion of the certification program members will have access to the following:

· Approved use of AzLTA’s Certified AZSAFE + CLEAN Lodging certification digital sticker for marketing (website and window decals).

· A listing on the AzLTA website with hyperlink that promotes your property as AZSAFE + Clean certified.

· Driving the brand reputation of your business by showing that it is doing everything that it can to be safe in your community.

· Creating new opportunities for your business to boost consumer confidence.

· Allowing AzLTA and its associates to let your guests know that you are committed to protecting your employees and guests.

· Foster a “sense of place” with guests to make them want to keep returning to your business by showing you are providing a safe and clean business.

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