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Just Ask Lorraine! Greetings from Glendale! My name is Lorraine Zomok, and I’m the Manager for Visit Glendale. I’m also a long-time resident (since 1972), and I simply adore this city. In my nearly two decades at the Glendale Visitor Center, I’ve had the privilege of assisting visitors from all around the world. We have a wide array of questions, everything from: “Is there really an Elephant Tree in Glendale?” to “How many restrooms are located inside the University of Phoenix?”  We haven’t been stumped yet! I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon in Glendale! Need a little help getting here? Well, just ask me—I’m at!

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Top 10 Q & A

1. We are hungry! Where’s a great place to eat in Glendale?
With more than 400 eateries citywide, we will satisfy every appetite! For a listing of dining options, check out and

2. We will be visiting for several days. Where can we stay in Glendale?
Smart, stylish and spacious rooms are available throughout Glendale's hotels. Visit for a complete listing of Glendale’s accommodations.

3. We enjoy history and culture. What should we see in Glendale?
You can journey Glendale’s past with public art, historic ranches, National register neighborhoods, museums, tour and exhibits. Start your history tour at

4. Our family enjoys festivals and events. What events are happening in Glendale?
From family festivals, concerts, live music and entertainment; we have plenty of options for you in Glendale! Log on to for the entire calendar.

5. We love to shop. What are the must-see shopping destinations in Glendale?
Between the mega malls, unique boutiques and shops specializing in one-of-a-kind buys, Glendale’s shopping destinations will turn a day out on the town into a full-blown mission. Visit  for the scoop on shopping in Glendale.

6. Outdoor adventure is our favorite activity. What are outdoor spots for hiking and enjoying nature in Glendale?
Glendale is a playground for the outdoor and athletic enthusiast. We welcome you to enjoy the miles of trails and acres of parks that Glendale has to offer. Start your hike at

7. We are huge sports fans! Where can we go in Glendale to cheer on our favorite teams?
Crack of the bat. Rev of the engine. Thud of a perfect tackle. Crunch of a shoulder into the glass. Forget your serenity CD, these are the new sounds of the desert. Or at least in the desert of Glendale and the West Valley –an area fast-becoming the nation's newest sports Mecca with a lineup of professional sports. Glendale’s got game at

8. We are relocating to Glendale. Can you help us with new resident information?
Welcome to Glendale! We look forward to meeting you. Here’s the link to start your new adventure in Glendale,

9. Our family enjoys picnics and playing in the park. What park amenities do you have in Glendale?
Before packing your picnic basket, check out

10. We need to pick up brochures, maps and travel information. Where can we gather this info in Glendale?
The Glendale Visitor Center is the first place to start your Glendale journey. We feature a countless supply of free local, regional and statewide maps, brochures and travel information. Our helpful travel counselors are eager to assist you. Start here:

*The ‘Elephant Tree’ was designated a Great Tree of Arizona in 2004. This Eucalyptus tree is located at
7321 N. 58th Drive in Historic Catlin Court. The tree is estimated to be 75 years old. In years past, the circus would arrive in Glendale and set up camp close to Catlin Court. One year, two of the elephants escaped, they were found rubbing their backs against the trunk and enjoying the shade. Thus, the tree came to be nicknamed the ‘Elephant Tree.’ Height: 100+ feet, Canopy: 63 feet, Circumference: 13 feet.

*There are 77 Public Restrooms at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale; 30 men’s, 35 women’s and 12 family restrooms.

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