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The green areas of this map share with you all of the areas where no building has ever stood—
no road was ever paved—throughout downtown Glendale’s 100 years.
float over the green areas of the map to reveal images to the left and right

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In its beginnings, downtown Glendale was a hub where people went for their basic necessities but soon developed into a social center. Residents walked from place to place and no doubt knew the area by relating one space to another—one building to another.
Without knowing to look at the town with historic significance, they simply looked at it and noticed all of the ordinary and extraordinary things we notice today while walking from one place to another.

All of the pieces—the historic and new buildings, the cars driving by, the other people on the street, the trees in the park, the clouds in the sky and the remnants of other people’s presence create the experience you have by walking through this specific downtown.
It is unlike any other place you’ve been. By following this map, you share the space with all of the people from the past 100 years as they moved through these same in-between spaces and noticed the environment around them.

View the images below to see how the above map was compiled and to view how the developed areas of downtown Glendale have altered over the last 100 years.


This project was conceived and executed by artist Jen Urso and was made possible by a grant through the Arizona Humanities Council and the City of Glendale Public Arts Program and Arts Commission and coordinated with Glendale’s Marketing/Communication Department. Also thanks to the research assistance at the Arizona State Library Archives.

all photos © 2011 by Jen Urso, web design by Jen Urso

City of Glendale centennial AZ Humanities Council

old shade tree birds in water guy with dogs view of construction giant broken screw view through promenade grassy space concrete pipes view of power lines view with breeze view behind civic center place where water collects palm tree growing rogue groundcover view up 57th dr tree leaning on building red clay pipe view up 57th ave dead tree and yellow car empty wide street cleaners sign overgrown olive olive tree and sign fire hydrant view of shortcut