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City of Glendale, Arizona - Banner Display Program

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Process

The Banner Program is intended to provide pride in the community, add color and excitement to the city’s streetscape, promote community activities, special events, and other cultural or sporting activities, as well as promote programs important to the city’s image, economic interest and organizations serving the community.

Eligible banners are those that match the above stated philosophy of the Banner Program. Banners may not advertise or promote commercial products or services,
or religious, political or social viewpoints. Banners may not promote or advertise gambling. Applicant or sponsor’s name or slogan may occupy no more than the
lower 15% of the banner. There must be a direct connection between the banner design and the event.


Light pole banners are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Banner
applications must be submitted at least 45 days before the requested install date. Banner applications will not be accepted more than one year before the requested display date. Applicants may request an extension of the 30-day display period. Extensions are subject to schedule availability and the discretion of the Review Committee.

The city retains the right to reserve banner schedules to promote events of national or international stature for which the city may serve as the host. A full-color copy of the banner design and a $25 non-refundable application fee must accompany
the application with a check payable to: City of Glendale. See “Street Banner Program Application Form.”

Once the application is received, the City’s Banner Review Committee will review
the application in terms of design, schedule, and relationship to the event. The committee will work with the applicant to ensure that the visual impact of the
banner reflects the goals of the program. Questions concerning the program or
a specific application should be directed to Visit Glendale at
(623) 930-2955.

A status of the application will be provided within approximately two weeks of
submission. If the application is approved the applicant will be notified and fees will then be collected (as described on page 2). Upon approval, banners may be fabricated and installed. Costs of and coordination for banner installation and
removal are to be arranged directly between the applicant and the city’s approved installation vendor.

Christmas Light Decorators
52215 E. Sugraloaf Cir. | Mesa, AZ | 85215
Contact: Doug Topham | 480.967.1122 |
An installation schedule will be provided to the city.
Banner fabrication can be arranged through a vendor of your choice.

CLICK HERE to download the application packet. (PDF)


Application: $25 Non-refundable

Monthly Rental: $50 per pole *plus applicable sales tax.

Reductions in price may be available based on the number of poles rented
and length of contract period. Application fee and rental prices are subject
to change.

Banner Fabrication Requirements

  • Minimum of 20-ounce material
  • True-two sided process
  • Bleed resistant technology
  • 4-color process
  • 2 inch double - stitched pocket at top and bottom
  • Opaque, non-shrinking, water, tear and fade resistant material
  • Background non-reflective
  • 360 dpi outdoor heavy ink coverage
  • Metal grommets in corners for fastening to brackets for added security.
  • Banners can be fabricated using a vendor of applicants choice.
  • Recognition of a corporation or business sponsoring the cost of a banner for an applicant shall be allowed but shall be no larger than 15% of the banner area and be placed at the bottom of the banner. Sponsor identification should not be the predominant element of the design.
  • Banners with a political or religious theme, or any banner advertising a business or product are prohibited.
  • The banners must directly relate to the activity or event being promoted.


30 x 96 inches (2.5 x 8 feet)

Installation and Removal Information

Installation and removal of approved banners will be the sole responsibility of the applicant. The Applicant can/may work with the sign or streetlight company of their choice to fabricate the banners. However, the banners being produced must meet the city’s required specifications. Installation will be coordinated with the city’s
approved installation vendor.

Christmas Light Decorators
5215 E. Sugarloaf Circle | Mesa, AZ | 85215
Contact: Doug Topham | 480.967.1122 |
The applicant must coordinate the installation schedule with the city of Glendale.

Pole Display Area

Sports & Entertainment District – Bounded by Loop 101 on the east side of 101; 91st Avenue on the east side of the road; and Bethany Home Road on the south side of the road; and Glendale Avenue on the north side of the road.
Total number of poles = 49

Historic Downtown Glendale – Bounded by 56th Avenue on the west side of the road; 59th Avenue on the east side of the road and surrounding Murphy Park.
Total number of poles = 27

Bell Road Corridor – Bounded by 83rd Avenue on the east side of the road;
75th Avenue on the west side of the road and the north side of Bell Road.
Total number of poles = 24

Banner Maintenance

Display banners must at all times be maintained in a visually appealing manner.
The maintenance and upkeep of banners is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Banners in disrepair must be maintained, replaced, or repaired. The city has no duty to, but may, remove banners that are not maintained as described herein with costs of such actions being billed to the applicant. Maintenance and upkeep include, but are not limited to:

  • Loose Banners
  • Frayed Banners
  • Torn Banners
  • Fallen Banners

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Lorraine Zomok with Visit Glendale at 623-930-2955.